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TOEFL-EQ (National)

Eman Admin October 22, 2020


Demo Test

The equivalent TOEFL exam for postgraduate students in Jordanian universities / The Jordanian National TOEFL is provided by the Oxford Language Center / accredited by:

The exam corresponds to the educational competencies approved by the Jordanian Higher Education Council for the English language exam that is equivalent to international tests for graduate students in all Jordanian universities, after it has been approved by the official universities in which the exam is presented

Oxford is your best choice for admission and success in international exams


Advantages of this exam

To know the nature of the questions as in the real exam

Knowing the score you can get on the real exam

To determine your training needs to develop a plan for preparation yourself for the real exam, whether by self-study on the “TOEFL-EQ” book from Oxford publications or by training courses to achieve the required mark.


Exam Instructions

Please answer all questions

The test duration is 60 minutes, then the test is delivered automatically

The exam consists of 65 questions, as follows:

Part 1: Structure 15 questions
Part 2: Written Expressions 15 questions
Part 3: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, two passages, 20 questions
Part 4: Listening and Comprehension 15 questions

TOEFL-EQ (National)

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